A remake would be good – Mexican Flores


Mexican captain Karina Flores spikes against Peru

Lima, Peru, August 16, 2015 –Karina Flores was so enthusiastic about the match against Peru that the Mexican captain even suggested the possibility of a remake.

Karina Flores, captain of Mexico: The team played very well and took advantage of the opportunities we had. I think it was not a good day for Peru which battled better before. I think a rematch would be good.

Ricardo Naranjo, coach of Mexico: The attitude of our team was the big difference. The girls put a great effort and solved the situations by themselves. The work with these girls will continue on since many of them have the potential to be with the senior team very soon.

Katherine Regalado, top scorer of Peru: We really didn’t expect to be so tired physically at the end of the tournament. Our coach worked the team the best way possible giving playing opportunities to two players of the lower level who performed with good attitude. Now we need to rest a little because our commitment with Peru keeps going on.

Walter Lung, coach of Peru: We concluded the tournament with a team we didn’t imagine with two little girls on the court and our opposite Katherine Regalado as an outside hitter. Obviously we wanted to finish in a better position but we did out or best possible.


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