Asian teams play very fast –Polish Andrzej Pec


Polish Andrzej Pec talk to Michalak and Rasinska, his two main offensive players

Lima, Peru, August 8, 2015 – Polish coach commented about the fast tempo of the Asian teams and the difficulties that style represents especially for the tall European teams

Andrzej Pec, coach of Poland: This is the first time my team plays against an Asian opponent. Their playing style is very fast and the result could have gone either way. It was an exciting match and we were lucky to win it.

Natalia Murek, captain of Poland: After the loss of yesterday we needed to win today. We played a lot better and hopefully we can continue moving forward with our best volleyball.

Ratanarasi Tanasak, coach of Thailand: It was a very close match and we tried to do our best effort. I want to express my gratitude to all the Peruvian fans who kept cheering for us. Against China we have to adjust our game because their team is taller than us.

Jaisaen Natthanicha, captain of Thailand: Last night after our first match we had a meeting to talk about our mistakes. We came back and played a good game. I think we will continue improving.


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