‘Being focus was very important’ – Turkish captain


Saliha Sahin Buse of Turkey spikes against Cuba

Callao, Peru, August 8, 2015 –Turkey celebrated their first victory on the second day of the FIVB Volleyball Girls’ U18 World Championship at the Miguel Grau Coliseum in Callao on Saturday.

Selmin Karahan, captain of Turkey: We left everything to win this game. Being focus was very important and today our services worked and we controlled the net.

We have to work more for the following matches that spring. Diaris Perez, captain of Cuba: Our team is very young. For some of us it is the first time we participate in a competition of this level.  Turkey played better than us, with strong services and we couldn’t make our play. We need to improve as a team.

Bedesten Mehmet, coach of Turkey: We have done a better game than yesterday, with more control of our service. The advantage in the score brought us confidence and the girls worked comfortably. Without nerves they began to enjoy every point of the game.

Tomas Fernandez, coach of Cuba: Turkey has a good game plan; it’s so intense to play against them. The control of their services was spectacular and my players could not found a way to control their power.


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