Belgium prevail under big pressure


Coach Fien Callens talk to her Belgian players during a time-out against Peru

Lima, Peru, August 14, 2015 – Playing under the pressure of a partisan crowd is a new experience for the Belgian players who succeeded against hosts Peru despite dealing with a noisy crowd at Eduardo Dibos Coliseum.

Fien Callens, coach of Belgium: We were aware of Peru’s team ability with serve and reception so it was necessary for us to maintain the good reception and to handle better our attack. Even though in Belgium we have improved our volleyball in Peru the sport has more people in the venues and is pretty to work under so much energy from the volleyball fans.

Britt Herbots, the top scorer of Belgium: Peru is a good team. They played very hard with the support from their fans in the stands. Despite our fall in the third set, we recovered our regular level and were able to close the game for us.

Walter Lung, coach of Peru: The girls started with a lot of energy in the first set but we couldn’t keep the rhythm especially against a team that got such big leads in the score. No we only have to continue and look for the best result against the next opponents.

Nicole Abreu, top scorer of Peru: In the third set we were able to get a reaction but it was not enough. We lost the concentration a little bit and also there was the pressure to achieve the result but we couldn’t. This World Championship is a new stage for us and tomorrow we will give the best of our best in the court.


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