Egyptian and Peruvian fans play valuable role


Egyptian fans came to the arena to support their compatriots

Lima, Peru, August 9, 2015 – Egyptian coach Abdeen Mohamed gave credit to the Egyptian and Peruvian fans who played a key role supporting his team in the match against Chinese Taipei.

Abdeen Mohamed, coach of Egypt: Thanks to the Egyptian fans and to the Peruvian audience who cheered for us today we played great match against Chinese Taipei. I think it was a splendid match and either of the teams could have won it.

Nada Meawad, captain of Egypt: Our defense worked when we needed the most and I hope we continue playing better and better. The Egyptian fans played an important role in boosting our confidence.

Chin-Tu Kuang, coach of Chinese Taipei: We didn’t play well today. We made too many mistakes and Egypt kept a good rhythm and established the difference with their powerful attacks from the corners.

Yu Huang Chen, captain of Chinese Taipei: We failed in the defense and reception. They played better than us with big serves.


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