Emotional victory for coach Cakovic


Serbia's Tijana Milojevic leads the celebration at the end of the match against Germany

Lima, Peru, August 16, 2015 – It was a sweet farewell for the coach Jovo Cakovic who achieved a victory over Germany in his last match with this generation of Serbian players.

Jovo Cakovic, coach of Serbia: The tactics for this match worked perfectly. We improved a lot compared to the first match against Germany. The fifth place is well deserved. This was my last match with this generation and there was a lot of emotion at the end.

Katarina Lazovic, captain of Serbia: We were focused and didn’t commit many errors which boosted our confidence during the course of the match. The experience has been marvelous. We were welcomed everywhere and we are going back very happy. We wanted to win the title but Italy, in my opinion the best team, beat us in the quarterfinals.

Jens Tietbohl, coach of Germany: The team didn’t function today. Yesterday we played a great match but today we had many problems. We faced a great Serbian team and couldn’t do more. At the start of the tournament we didn’t expect to advance this far but the team improved match by match and to have just a few losses in the tournament is of great satisfaction.

Pia Leweling, captain of Germany: We had a very tough match and our team didn’t function as well as in previous matches. The experience of playing in the world championship has been great and the best thing is that we have been able to defeat teams that we have lost to them in Europe. That was a great achievement for our team.


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