Fans support Peru in victory over Chinese Taipei


Peruvian coach Walter Lung motivates his players before the match against Chinese Taipei on Tuesday

Lima, Peru, August 11, 2015 – Peru overcame a big hurdle by defeating a tough Chinese Taipei and earning first place in Pool A at the FIVB Girls’ U18 World Championship on Tuesday in front of a big crowd at Eduardo Dibos Coliseum of Lima.

Walter Lung, coach of Peru: Our team continues to improve steadily. Chinese Taipei represented a big challenge for us since they had won against Korea so we knew the game was going to be complicated. But we could win the match. Now we have to meet Poland which is a different style with high blocking. We need to study them and I can’t say anything in advance.

Diana Magallanes, captain of Peru: Chinese Taipei play at a very fast tempo. In the first set we didn’t have enough concentration and lacked communication in the court. We need to work on that for the match against Poland.

Chin-Tu Kuang, coach of Chinese Taipei: We had the opportunity to win this match but couldn’t take advantage of the chances. Playing before that big crowd surely will be helpful for our girls. I want to thank the Peruvian fans for supporting the event and to the Taiwan fans that came to cheer for us.

Yu Huan Chen, captain of Chinese Taipei: We played a good first set but then I think the pressure from the fans affected our performance and we made too many mistakes. Congratulations to Peruvian team for the victory.


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