Germany dominate Thailand in 3-0 victory


Germany's Pia Kastner celebrates with enthusiasm the 3-0 win over Thailand

Lima, Peru, August 7, 2015 – Germany scored a convincing straight-set 3-0 (25-22, 25-16, 25-18) win over Thailand in Pool B of the FIVB Volleyball Girls’ U18 World Championship at Eduardo Dibos Coliseum on Friday.

The taller Germans established a huge 16-4 difference in the blocking category and outserved their opponents 10-2. The two sides finished with 33 attacks.

Vanessa Agbortabi and Hanna Orthmann each ended with 13 points to lead Germany while Sabrina Krause added 12, including 6 blocks and 3 aces. Wipawee Srithong topped Thailand with 11 points followed by Chutimon Sagon and Kanittha Juangjan with 10 apiece.

Teams played close in the early stages of the first set but the block by Kastner gave Germany an 8-6 lead. The Europeans widened the distance to 16-11 and claimed the opening frame 25-22 with the spike by Agbortabi despite the offensive efforts by Thailand’s Jaungjan.

Germany led 8-6 in the second set and increased to 11-6 with two consecutive aces by Kastner. Two big blocks by Krause and the terrific spike by Orthmann swelled the difference to 16-7. Thailand reacted behind Srithong and Juangjan but Germany finally took the set 25-16.

Germany took advantage of a couple of mishandled settings for an 8-6 lead in the third set but Thailand came back behind the efficient attacks of Srithong to take a slight 11-10 advantage. The taller Germans however regained composure to arrive to the second TTO leading 16-13 with an ace by Orthmann. Germany won the set 25-18 and the match 3-0 with the left-side spike by Agbortabi.


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