High and solid block send USA to victory


The tall USA team complicated matters to China at the net

Lima, Peru, August 15, 2015 – The high-blocking United States team used their size to dominate the game at the net and scored on 14 blocks in the victory over China.

Alexis Dawn Sun, top scorer of USA: I feel marvelous well and our team is better and better with every day. I am excited about tomorrow’s match and hopefully we can get the gold medal.

James Stone, coach of USA: I think China is a great team. They played really hard in the third set. I feel very proud of my team. The players showed great character recovering from a bad moment to win the game.

Qian Jingwen, captain of China: On spite of our reaction in the third set it was not enough. We need to regroup and come back tomorrow looking for the victory.

Shen Mang, coach of China: It was a tough match and the blocking of USA complicated our game strategy. The opponent team had the advantage in size and physical strength of their players. I think it was a good game.


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