‘It was a great match’- Japan Coach


Callao, Peru, August 15, 2015 – Tomorrow Japan are going to play against Argentina for the ninth place of the FIVB Volleyball Girls’ U18 World Championship at Miguel Grau Coliseum.

Mandai Manami, captain of Japan: We are very happy to get this win. After losing in the playoffs against Brazil, we stayed with a feeling of revenge. We wanted to play against Brazil again and much more to win them.

Amanda Rodriguez, captain of Brazil: We started well but then things did not happen as we expected, even so the team has much more to show and give.

Daichi Saegusa, coach of Japan: It was a great match. The last time that we face Brazil we lost 3-0 and win today is a great satisfaction. We only have one more game and if we play like today, I am sure that we will get another win.

Luis Omar de Moura , coach of Brazil : We had a good first set but from the second we started to have problems. In the game we fail much in the attack and that is terrible against a team like Japan which has great speed and good defense.


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