“It was visible that our team was tired” – Andrzej Pec


Germany demolished a letargic Poland in the first two sets of their match

Lima, Peru, August 9, 2015 – Playing five sets one day earlier took its toll on team Poland according to coach Andrzej Pec

Jens Tietbohl, coach of Germany: I am satisfied with the performance of the group because they followed the game plan we have studied. The errors cost us the third set but we caught rhythm in the fourth set and again became a solid team to win the match. At the start the girls were a little bit anxious due to our condition of favorites.

Pia Leweling, captain of Germany: We lost the concentration in the third set and that’s the reason we lost. For the first two sets we applied our plan and it worked. In the fourth set we recovered on time to win the match.

Andrzej Pec, coach of Poland: Yesterday we played a very long match against Thailand and it showed today. It was visible that our team felt tired. I hope we continue improving for the rest of the tournament.

Aleksandra Rasinska, top scorer of Poland: We did not have concentration in the first two sets. Our team woke up in the third but it was too late. In the fourth set we made many errors with our reception and were not on time for the blocking and Germany took advantage of that.


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