Lazovic confident about chances against Germany


Serbian players celebrate their cruising victory over Thailand on Monday

Lima, Peru, August 10, 2015 – Serbian captain Katarina Lazovic had her confidence way boosted by the powerful victory over Thailand and predicted a straight-set win against Germany in their contest of Tuesday in Pool B.

Jovo Catovic, coach of Serbia: We expected to win but our team was better than we anticipated. For the next match we must be careful if we want to be among the top teams of our pool.

Katarina Lazovic, captain of Serbia: I am very glad about the victory and I am pretty sure our performance of my team also will be very good tomorrow to beat Germany by 3-0.

Tanasak Ratanarasi, coach of Thailand: Maybe we lacked a bit of concentration but that’s something that little by little the team will be improving. I think our team performed well against a powerful European team like Serbia.

Jaisaen Nattanicha, captain of Thailand: Today we didn’t play the way we regularly do because our libero got sick and was not with us but I am also satisfied with our performance especially in some parts of the third set.


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