‘Our fighting spirit never faded- Chinese Taipei captain


Callao, Peru, August 15, 2015 – Chinese Taipei finished in 19th place after beating Cuba 3-1 at the FIVB Volleyball Girls’ U18 World Championship.

Huang Chen Yu, captain of Chinese Taipei: In the first two sets we played well, our game plan worked, but in the third we got complicated and failed in the service and the reception. We can rescue from this match is that our fighting spirit never faded and that's what helped us to take the match forward.

Diaris Pérez, captain of Cuba: We fell very pressed in the match because we wanted to finish 19th in this tournament. Taipei showed during the game that they were very united and did not let themselves get beaten, we fought with everything we had but we reacted too late.

Chin-Tu Kuang, coach of Chinese Taipei: My team always maintained a winning spirit. My players did what they trained and that showed in the result. In the third set we complicated ourselves with too many mistakes, but we reacted and had the ability to get the win.

Tomas Fernandez, coach of Cuba: Is a hard and difficult moment for us, we started this project two years ago and we wanted to fight the gold medal of this competition, but it did not happen and now we got the last place of the competition. The girls were very nervous in the reception during the tournament; nobody could recover us from the absence of the titular players.


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