‘Our strategy worked out’ – Russia Coach


Callao, Peru, August 16, 2015 – Russia finished in the seventh place of the FIVB Volleyball Girls’ U18 World Championship.

Ryseva Daria, captain of Russia: It was our last game in the world championship and we had to win that no matter what, and we did it. The score was 3 – 0 but that doesn’t reflect the match, the game was really hard and each point was really fought.

Natalia Murek, captain of Poland: The main reason why we lost today was because their serve was better and it gave us many problems in our reception, also we had many mistakes in the net on the crucial moments.

Svetlana Safronova, coach of Russia: I am so happy that we won the last match, our strategy worked out and paid off as we expected. Poland as a contender is always hard to beat but we had the capacity to achieve the victory.

Pec Andrzej, coach of Poland: This time, Russia was a really strong contender, especially because of their powerful spike and their strong service. We just tried to do our best to move forward but we could not. This tournament has had a really high level, better than ours, but we take the best memories of it.


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