Playing against Cuba is always a challenge - Japan Coach


Press conference Japan against Cuba

Callao, Peru, August 7, 2015. Japan celebrated in their first game in Callao

Diaris Perez, captain of Cuba: We started very nervous because for many of us is the first international competition. Our team is not complete and the absence of four of our colleagues has been a big problem for us.

Manami Mandai, captain of JapĆ³n. We are very happy to have achieved our first win, we will continue working because our goal is to surpass all stages of the tournament.

Tomas Fernandez, coach of Cuba: It is the first time my team faces a highly technical and domain defensive characteristics such as Japan. My players were out of concentration and did not true style of Cuban volleyball school .

Daichi Saegusa, coach of Japan: Cuba is a country with a long history in volleyball and play against them is always a challenge. It was a difficult start with many nerves, but then we could focus on the service and show a better game.


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