Russia beat Argentina in straight sets


Celebration of Russia against Argentina

Without problems Russia scored their first victory in straight sets over an enthusiastic Argentine team (25-21, 25-14 , 25-17) in the second game of the pool C at the FIVB Volleyball Girls ' U18 World Championship on Thursday at Miguel Grau Coliseum.

Russia took advantage in spike by 39-24 and also in aces by 6-2. Russian middle blocker Angelina Lazarenko was the top scorer of the game with 12 points, ant the best player for Argentina was Anahi Tosi with 9 points. Supported by noise fans Argentina surprised and led the scoring in beginning of the match. However Russia reduced their mistakes and changed the history of the first set wining by 25-21.

Svetlana Safronova, Russian coach, decided to include Angelina Emelina since the start of the second set to avoid major surprises and her team won consistency and strength in attack; Argentina was complicated in defence leaving no alternatives to their setter and captain Azul Benites . Russia closed smoothly the second and third sets 25-14 and 25-17 respectively.


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