Shen Mang touts teams and players


Chinese Li Yingying leads all the scorers at the Girls' U18 World Championship

Lima, Peru, August 16, 2015 – China’s coach Shen Mang praised the high quality of many teams in the world championship and predicted a bright future for some of the players of his side.

Shen Mang, coach of China: We have seen many teams of very good level at this world championship. This is the second time I have been in a world championship with the first one in 2011. I think that our team now is a very good one with many players with good projection like Li Yingying and the libero Zan Qianqian.

Wu Han, top scorer of China: It has been a learning experience for me in my first time playing in a world championship. I think our team is very good and we can reach higher levels for our country in the future.

Mehmet Nuri Bedesten, coach of Turkey: It was a good match and we played well but after point 20 it was tough for us. We made many errors and need to work on that. I wanted to win the bronze medal but what we did on the court was not enough. Our girls definitely will learn from this experience.

Selmi Karahan, captain of Turkey: We had three sets very complicated. In spite of our strong attack we couldn’t pass China’s blocking and it affected our concentration.


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