“The fans were an extra player” – Egyptian coach


Peru's Diana Magallanes celebrates the close victory over Egypt

Lima, Peru, August 7, 2015 – The big support from the crowd at Eduardo Dibos Coliseum was a factor in favor of Peru, according to Abdeen Mohamed, coach of Egypt.

Walter Lung, coach of Peru: We knew the match was going to pretty tough because we didn’t have much information about Egypt. The fighting spirit of our team was important as we could manage the game. We still need to improve some aspects, but the support of the crowd was fundamental to claim the win we wanted.

Lucia Magallanes, captain of Peru: We were nervous at the beginning but nevertheless we had a good start winning the first two sets. Then things got complicated in the latter sets. Now we have to play Mexico and need to be prepared to get a favorable result.

Abdeen Mohamed, coach of Egypt: The Peruvian fans deserve a lot of credit. They were like an extra player, the number 13. We had a good preparation for this match but we hope to improve even more for the matches against Korea, Mexico and Chinese Taipei. I also want to thank Peruvian fans for the great reception.

Nada Meawad, captain of Egypt: We had a good game but can do better than this in the upcoming matches. The luck was not on our side tonight but it was a learning experience for the next matches.


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