‘The girls followed the game plan’- Egypt coach


Callao, Peru, August 15, 2015 – Although Egypt made more mistakes they beat Mexico 3-1 and tomorrow are going to play to the definition for the thirteen place of the FIVB Volleyball Girls’ U18 World Championship.

Meawad Nada, captain of Egypt: We knew how to confront Mexico because we played against them before. Improved our block and serve, those were our weapons to win the match.

Karina Flores, captain of Mexico: We expected to win because it was a revenge for us. We made some mistakes and they knew how to take advantage of it. Their serve was effective and that disconcentrated us.

  Mohamed Abdeen, coach of Egypt: We had confronted Mexico previously and for us it was an advantage. This girls followed the game plan; and that finally payed off.

Ricardo Naranjo, coach of Mexico : Egypt didn’t change their game scheme. They were aggressive in their service and made fewer mistakes than us, we were not strong in key parts of the match.


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