The nerves played us a bad time – Cuban Captain


Callao, Peru, August 9, 2015 – Italy scored their second victory in Pool D of the FIVB Volleyball Girls’ U18 World Championship.

Vittoria Piani, captain of Italy: We weren’t focused at the beginning as them, we haven’t played our best because we didn’t reach the level of confidence we usually have in ourselves.

Diaris Perez, captain of Cuba: The nerves played us a bad time. We did not show what we had practiced in our training. Italy moves more easily in the court with great spikes, the disconcert in our defence and the fact that we made a lot of mistakes costed us.

Marco Mencarelli, coach of Italy: My team took advantage of their unforced errors. Anyway Cuba got better set by set and it was shown in the score. This match made us realize which our debilities are, but at the end I think desconcentration was the principal enemy of both teams.

Tomas Fernandez, coach of Cuba: We gave a lot of points away and our opponent knew how to capitalize it. Italy is one of the stronger teams in competition and I´m sure that they will be between the four best teams of the championship.


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