Tomorrow we have a chance to win and qualify for the next round - Argentina Captain


Callao, Peru, August 9, 2015 - United States swept Argentina in straight sets on Sunday morning at Miguel Grau Coliseum during the third day of the FIVB Volleyball Girls’ U18 World Championship.

Kathryn Plummer, captain of USA: It was a battle from the start of the match. Argentina showed a lot of resistance to our attacks, it´s was a difficult game but we could find calm to succeed.

Azul Benitez, captain of Argentina: The proposed strategy worked but still costed us to much to close the sets, we must improve in that area. If tomorrow we play like today, we have a chance to win and qualify for the next round.

James Stone, coach of USA: Argentina proved to be a great opponent complicating us a lot, the third set was very intense and could have gone either for the two teams. I am very happy with my team and the level we are showing in the competition.

Mauro Silvestre, coach of Argentina; Playing strong teams is a great learning experience for us, I really feel that my team that is growing. Tomorrow is a decisive game and we will keep working because there are still things to improve.


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