‘Tomorrow we will fight to reach the final’ – Turkish coach

Callao, Peru, August 14, 2015 – Turkey qualified for the semifinals thanks to a quickly victory over Poland in straight sets.

Selmin Karahan, captain of Turkey: This match was very important and it serve a lot as practice for the tomorrow’s match against Italy, they are a great team and we must be focus because we want to celebrate a victory.

Natalia Murek, captain of Poland: Turkey was a tough rival, we made too many mistakes, we were so nervous and that did not allowed for u to show what we normally bring to every game.

Bedesten Mehmet, coach of Turkey: Today we had a good serve and block .Tomorrow we have an important game against Italy. I know that Italy is a strong team and they will play with all they have. We will improve our play because we want to classify to the final.

Andrzej Pec, coach of Poland: We played a bad game; we could not show on the field what we practiced. All we have now is to improve our game and try to get the best position in this Campionship.


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