Triumph over Russia boosts confidence of German team


German players are proud about winning against European champions Russia

Lima, Peru, August 15, 2015 – Winning against the European champions at the age-group world championship acts as a confidence builder and source of pride for the German team, according to the coach Jens Tietbohl.

Hanna Orthmann, top scorer of Germany: We didn’t expect winning today so we feel very proud with this result. It was a spectacular match. Tomorrow we hope to repeat the victory because we want that fifth place, that’s our goal now.

Jens Tietbohl, coach of Germany: The nerves and the pressure of the match played against us. The sets we lost was because lack of concentration but at the end we could calm down and get the win. We had problems with some players who are nursing injuries but happily the changes we did today worked well and helped the victory. For Germany is a honour to play against Russia, since they are the European champions. That’s why we are so proud about the victory.

Daria Ryseva, captain of Russia: After yesterday’s match we couldn’t recover as a team and show all we have. We don’t know how things will be in our next match, but we will go out trying to win.

Svetlana Safronova, coach of Russia: Many players were affected psychologically by yesterday’s match but nevertheless we did some good plays. Now in our next match the team will be focus after the victory.


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