‘We are very thankful with the Peruvian people for all their support’ – Japan captain


Callao, Peru, August 16, 2015 – Japan finished in the ninth place of the FIVB Volleyball Girls’ U18 World Championship.

Mandai Manami, captain of Japan: Argentina was a strong contender but we played a good match. We are very happy with the team’s performance during the entire tournament and we are very thankful with the Peruvian people for all the support they gave us during the games.

Azul Benitez, captain of Argentina : Japan controlled all the sets, they were really good and serving and we made many unforced errors, eventough we are very happy because we are growing and we placed in the top ten, and that was our goal.

Saegusa Daichi, coach of Japan: We’re happy because we won our last match in this tournament, eventought we take the ninth place I’m very happy for the performance of my team. We leave with the security that during the years this team will keep growing and will get a high level.

Mauro Silvestre, coach of Argentina: We played unfocused and not how we should have played to Japan that is a team recognized worldwide, it seems that my team thought that the tournament finished yesterday with the victory against Belgium.


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