We expected better results – Dominican Republic coach


Dominican Republic players during a time-out in the match with Thailand

Lima, Peru, August 15, 2015 – The Dominican Republic finished in 17th place after concluding 8th in the previous edition and coach Alexandre Ceccato points out the problems with reception as a major factor for the result.

Alexandre Ceccato, coach of Dominican Republic: Our team showed strong attack and blocking. Our problem was the reception and I think Thailand didn’t show their best game which made things easier for us today. In the last world championship we finished 8th and now we leave with a 17th place. We expected better results but we were in very tough pool even though we could have played better against Belgium and Argentina.

Yocaty Perez, captain of Dominican Republic: Yesterday we studied Thailand very much and today we were able to keep the consistency. We are finished for this world championship and now ewe go back home to continue training since some of us will go with the team to the U20 where we expect to have very good results.

Tanasak Ratanarasi, coach of Thailand: Our players have improved a lot in this world championship. Playing against teams of a superior level and bigger size has contributed to the tactical development of our team and helped to improve.

Kannitha Juangjan, top scorer of Thailand: I want to thank our families in Thailand for their support. Today Dominican Republic played better and our mistakes cost us the match but we have learned a lot in this tournament and next time we will be stronger.


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