‘We had many difficulties in the reception’ – Korea coach


Callao, Peru, August 14, 2015 – Argentina beat Korea 3-0 at the start of the search for their new goal.

Azul Benitez, captain of Argentina: We had good attitude on the court and that helped us to develop our game. We are looking for the best position for Argentina and now we are waiting for our next opponent that will come out of the match between Belgium and Peru to continue climbing positions.

Minji Ko, captain of Korea: Argentina is a strong team. We were very nervous and we did not showed our best performance. Tomorrow we must play better.

Mauro Silvestre, coach of Argentina: I am happy because in this game the things have worked properly, our attitude improved after falling in the second round. We have to wait our next opponent to get another win and know how much my team has grown.

Dongyeol Kim, coach of Korea: We had many difficulties in the reception because playing in a new arena is always complicated. There are others games to play and we will seek the best possible result.


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