We learned the first lesson –Korean coach


Korea's Ha Hyorim facing Peruvian setter Diana Magallanes

Lima, Peru, August 15, 2015 –The first match against Peru was a learning experience for Korean coach Kim Dongyeol whose team was better prepared for the second time the two sides were pitted together.

Kim Dongyeol, coach of Korea: We learned a lot from the first match with Peru. We learned their style and that experience allowed us to prepare better for today’s match. I think our serves were the keys for us in this match.

Lee Seonjeong, top scorer for Korea: We have had a very positive match today and we have learned a lot about South American volleyball in this world championship. It has been a great experience.

Walter Lung, coach of Peru: We need to overcome the case of several regular players who are injured. We need to turn the page for tomorrow’s match and go with the other young players like Claudia Palza and Kiara Montes. I hope we can get a better result.

Diana Magallanes, captain of Peru: We played this match with all the tools available. For moments we were able to get close in the score but the nerves played against us. We are still committed to Peru and tomorrow we will go to do our best.


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