´We need to fix some things that are not working yet' - Marco Mencarelli


Callao, Peru, August 13, 2015 – Despite Italy did not show all their powerful, The Europeans qualify to quarterfinal of the FIVB Volleyball Girls’ U18 World Championship on Thursday at Callao.

Vittoria Piani, captain of Italy: In the first two sets we had a great game, but in the third set was complicated, the mistakes and the anxiety almost played against us, however, we had the ability to close the match.

Azul Benitez , captain of Argentina: I think that they were better than us in the first two sets , but in the third one my team was leading but we couldn’t hold because of the lack of concentration in decisive moments. We are sad because we wanted to be between the first 8 of the tournament.

Marco Mercarelli, coach of Italy: It wasn’t an easy match, we wanted to give more of us but it didn’t happen and Argentina was a tough opponent. From this type of match we learn and also we need to fix some things that are not working yet.

Mauro Silvestre , the coach of Argnetina: I think that Italy is the fair winner. The lack of experience and the international rub prevented us to close the third set that we had been winning.


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