“We played like a real team” – Belgium Coach


Press conference Dominican Republic against Belgium

Belgium obtained 12 blocks in their victory by 3-0 over Dominic Republic at Miguel Grau Coliseum on Friday morning.

Alexander Ceccato, coach of Dominican Republic: "Congrats to the team of Belgium for the match, my team was not concentrated at to the first two sets, in the third set we got more attitude, improved but it was not enough to change the game"

Fien Callens, coach of Belgium:"First, Belgium being a small country and beat a team like Dominican Republic that comes with a tradition in the volleyball world is complicated. The attitude was very important and with that we were able to play point to point, set to set. This victory is dedicated to our country; now need to think in the next games”

Yocati Perez, captain of Republic Captain: Today we couldn’t show what we have been training on; our main players didn’t have a good match. At times things came out but we couldn’t maintain the advantage, and our weakness left afloat”

Charlotte Coppin, captain of Belgium, said: "We always play as a team, with great enthusiasm. It is our way to face meetings and it motivated us to succeed”


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